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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Macclesfield

Located on the upper reaches of the River Angas, this small town falls in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia. Macclesfield came into being when Francis Davenport went to select land in South Australia for his father, George Davenport. Francis initially selected land near Port Lincoln. Later, Francis decided to plump for land on the upper reaches of the River Angas, much of which comprises the small town of Macclesfield today.

Located 14 kilometres south of Mount Barker, Macclesfield bears the name of the Earl of Macclesfield. George Davenport worked as steward in the earl’s employ. Approximately, 1,400 people live in Macclesfield. However, like many other similar towns in the vicinity, Macclesfield continues to be an unsewered development. It comes as no surprise then, that most of the properties in this town use septic systems for managing their sewage and wastewater. Inevitably, this also means that Macclesfield residents need to engage septic tank cleaning companies regularly.

In Adelaide Hills, several septic cleaning companies operate. However, Nitschke Liquid Waste continues to be the waste removal company of choice throughout South Australia. We provide a wide selection of services to domestic and commercial clients alike. We handle trade waste cartage and holding tank pump outs. We also perform winery wastewater cartage and oily water removal. The reliability and efficiency of our services has made us the top service provider across Adelaide and the adjoining suburbs. Not surprisingly, Macclesfield residents often engage us when they need septic tank pump outs. 

Looking after your septic system will not be the first thought that strikes you each day. These systems work efficiently and invisibly. Hence, you will only notice them when things start to go wrong. Backed up toilets and sinks can accentuate the issue considerably. In these situations, the residents of Macclesfield will need professional septic tank pumping services. Ageing septic systems will invariably need some repairs as well. Some of the repair and maintenance services that septic tank cleaning companies typically provide include:

  • Diagnosing issues in the septic system sewer lines without having to dig up the yard
  • Clearing out obstructions in drains to get them flowing again
  • Replacing worn out or damaged septic tank covers of all shapes and sizes
  • Inspecting the system for holes, leaks or cracks and sealing them
  • Installing build ups or risers to raise the septic tank cover on (or close to) the surface, thereby making it easier to access the system thereafter
  • Repairing cracks or breaks in the main line from the house to the septic tank and,
  • Repairing or replacing baffles, inlet & outlet Ts and distribution boxes

So, if you live in Macclesfield and need septic tank pumping services, don’t think twice about hiring us for the job. With us, you can rest assured about getting a hassle-free experience. For more details, click here

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