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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Andrews Farm

This northern suburb of Adelaide falls in the City of Playford. Founded in 1991, this suburb used to be a subdivision in the erstwhile Munno Para Council. The area is quite popular because it features Stebonheath Park, the largest parkland in Andrews Farm. Other noteworthy attractions in the suburb include St. Columba College, Andrews Park and the lakes surrounding Stebonheath Park.

It is worth highlighting that Andrews Farm is a developing residential area. Approximately 8,043 people reside here. As such, the lakes in the area form an integral part of the City’s wastewater control system. Yet, a large number of locals still continue to use septic systems for managing the wastewater and effluent in their properties. As such, the people of Andrews Farm frequently need access to the best septic tank pumping services.

Septic tanks feature a tank (or two) connected to an inlet wastewater pipe at one end. At the other end, the tank remains connected to a soakage field. The tank itself features two chambers separated by a dividing wall. This wall has openings located midway between the floor and the roof of the tank. Septic tanks treat the layers of sludge and scum within the tank biologically. Over time, untreated solid waste will accumulate at the bottom of the tank. To ensure that their septic systems continue to function well, Andrews Farm residents need to schedule septic tank pump outs regularly.

Most septic tanks require pump outs every four to five years. In addition, the homeowners will need to check their tanks for the build-up of solid waste every one to three years. Negligence often causes issues in septic tanks. This is why it is essential for homeowners to schedule annual or bi-annual inspections to keep septic tank issues at bay. The locals in Andrews Farm are aware that they will need to arrange for septic tank cleaning services on a priority in case:

  • The air around the septic tank smells unusual
  • The ground around the septic tank is wet
  • There is a pool formation in the downhill areas of the lawn or,
  • They encounter darker grass growing on or around the area surrounding the septic tank

Whenever the people of Andrews Farm need septic tank pumping services, they think of Nitschke Liquid Waste. A South Australian owned and operated business, we offer an enviable range of liquid waste disposal solutions. From cleaning grease traps to trade waste cartage, we do it all. In Andrews Farm and other areas, we offer dependable and affordable septic tank pumping services. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, you can expect a hassle-free experience each time you call us. Click here to save $20 on your next grease trap service.

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