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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Hahndorf

This small town in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia bears the name of Dirk Meinerts Hahn. Hahn served as the Danish captain of the Zebra, which landed in the area in December 1838. Many of the initial settlers arrived aboard this ship. Lutheran migrants settled in the town initially. They came from a small village called Kay in Prussia, currently known as Kije, Lubusz Voivodeship in Poland. Hahndorf used to be a centre for farming and services. Currently, it has the reputation of being an important tourism spot. It also remains Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement.


During the First World War, the South Australian Government changed the German names of many locations. Thus, they changed the name of Hahndorf to Ambleside after the railway station bearing the same name nearby. However, the authorities reinstated the previous name in 1935. Just under 3,000 people reside in this town. But, with no access to sewage pipelines, these people need to rely on septic tanks for managing wastewater. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Hahndorf residents need septic tank pump outs regularly. 


In Adelaide Hills, septic cleaning service providers remain highly in demand. However, not all service providers offer quality services like those offered by Nitschke Liquid Waste. A South Australian owned company, we specialise in liquid waste removal. We can also handle trade waste cartage and DAF unit maintenance. In Hahndorf, many people rely on us for cost-effective septic tank pumping services. The efficiency of our services has given us an unbeatable reputation in the industry. 


Not all septic tank cleaning companies engage professionals. As a result, many of the staff at these companies find it hard to locate the septic system for carrying out the necessary cleaning and repairs. Septic systems will typically remain underground. In some cases, the lid will also be beneath the ground. Alternatively, the system might feature a riser for positioning the lid at ground level. Locating the system in case of the former can be tough for many inexperienced cleaners. However, the professionals at Nitschke Liquid Waste know how to handle such situations. We will:


  • Obtain and study the diagram that details the location of the septic tanks
  • Look for signs that mark the location of the septic tank and,
  • Follow the sewer pipe as it exits the house to the septic tank 


Our expertise has resulted in many Hahndorf residents utilising our septic tank pumping services. We don’t spend much time in locating the tank. Our years of experience enable us to identify the location of the septic tank and inspect it thoroughly. We can also identify the areas that need repair or replacement. Finally, we will clean the tank thoroughly to restore its efficiency levels. 


So, if you live in Hahndorf and need septic tank cleaning services, think of us. With us, you can expect prompt and efficient services always. For a hassle-free experience, send us your enquiry here

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