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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Lewiston

This semi-rural locality of South Australia is six kilometres east of Two Wells and 12 kilometres west of Gawler. It is a predominantly animal and crop farming region. The locality derives its name from James William Lewis, the Post Master General of South Australia from 1861 to 1869. Lewis had given the approval for a branch Post Office for the Lewiston district. Lewiston is a suburb in the Mallala Region of South Australia. Most of its population of over 3,000 people work in the farming sector.

The local properties do not have recourse to an intricate sewer system network that typifies life in Australian metros Instead, they rely on septic systems for dealing with wastewater generated on the property. These septic tanks act as receptacles for all the waste emanating from the house. Thus, it follows that the locals of Lewiston will require septic tank pumping services frequently to keep their septic systems in good shape.

Septic tanks typically feature natural bacteria that break down the waste matter into three components i.e. solids, gases and water. The system will release the gaseous and liquid matter into the environment. In contrast, the solids will sink to the bottom of the tank. They will accumulate over time, thereby compromising the efficiency of the system. Hence, Lewiston residents will require regular septic tank pump outs.

If septic tanks only needed to deal with human biological wastes, septic systems would hardly fail. However, many property owners dispose of kitchen wastes, water from baths, dishwashers & washing machines in their septic systems. Some people even put an assortment of non-biodegradable items (including soaps, cleansers, plastic items etc.) into their septic tanks. Naturally, the septic system will hardly be able to deal with such waste matter. It will require Lewiston companies offering septic tank pumping services to set these systems right again. This is because:

  • Water levels rise faster than solids break down because of the excess levels of water
  • As a result, the solid waste makes its way into the distribution tubes meant solely for the escape of water from the tank
  • Similarly, non-biodegradable waste also raises the water levels, forcing solid waste to exit via the distribution tubes
  • Some detergents could contain phosphates that facilitate the growth of algae, which block the perforations in the distribution tubes

To get such septic systems to function properly, Lewiston residents depend on septic tank cleaning companies.

If you live in Lewiston and require septic tank pump outs, simply contact the experts at Nitschke Liquid Waste. We service grease traps and clean septic tanks. We also handle jobs involving trade waste cartage and oily water removal. We can dispose of your winery wastewater too. Our wide range of services makes us your liquid waste removal experts. For more details, click here.

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