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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Penfield Gardens

Penfield Gardens is one the several suburbs that lie to the north of Adelaide. It extends from the southern bank of the Gawler River, downstream of Angle Vale, to the Max Fatchen Expressway. The authorities named this suburb in 1983. In addition, the construction of the Expressway, led to the adjustment of the boundaries of this suburb in 2011. The adjustment of the boundaries ensured that the Expressway did not inadvertently end up dividing the suburb.

Penfield Gardens lies in the urban fringe on the Adelaide Plains. As a result, it boasts of several major industries – including market gardening and harness racing horse training. Estimates indicate that only about 350-odd people live in this suburb. However, this suburb is one of the several unsewered developments in South Australia. Hence, the locals use septic tank systems to treat and dispose of their sewage and wastewater. Naturally, these residents also utilise the services offered by the best companies in Penfield Gardens, when it comes to septic tank pump out and cleaning services.

The people owning septic tank systems in Penfield Gardens are aware of the importance of these systems. They know that they are responsible for ensuring that they inspect the tank regularly for leaks and other issues. Similarly, they know that they will need to opt for the best professionals in Penfield Gardens for septic tank pumping services regularly. This is why these individuals:

  • Ensure that they divert all water away from the drainage field areas
  • Avoid parking vehicles on their drainage fields, as this could result in ruptured pipes
  • Only plant grass in their drainage fields because grass features shallow root systems
  • Hire Penfield Gardens professionals for septic tank cleaning every four years or so
  • Consult professionals for inspecting their septic systems a couple of times annually to prevent any build-ups that could damage the system
  • Never pour grease down their drains, as it prevents the soil in the drain field from absorbing liquids
  • Consult the professionals in Penfield Gardens for septic tank pumping whenever they come across:
    • Effluents pooling near the seepage trench
    • The growth of grass of a darker shade near the septic tank or,
    • The presence of an unusual and foul odour around the tank

If you live in Penfield Gardens and need quality septic tank pumping services, simply call the professionals at Nitschke Liquid Waste. We’re a South Australian family owned and operated business. We specialise in the collection and disposal of liquid waste. With us, you can expect prompt and efficient services time and time again. Moreover, you will find that our services are cost-effective too. For a hassle-free experience, send us your enquiry here.

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