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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Mount Barker

This South Australian town lies approximately 33 kilometres from the Adelaide city centre. It has a reputation for being the largest town in the Adelaide Hills. The seat of the District Council of Mount Barker, this town lies at the base of a peak known as Mount Barker summit. Located 50 kilometres from the Murray River, Mount Barker used to be the home of the Peramangk Aboriginal people. The surveying of the township took place in 1839. But, farmers only began settling in the area from 1844 onwards. 

More than 14,000 people live in this township. Even more interestingly, about a third of the locals live in rented accommodation. These facts attest to the area’s reputation of being one of the fastest growing areas in South Australia. Despite this, Mount Barker continues to be an unsewered development. Thus, it lacks the extensive network of pipelines that transport sewage in larger towns and cities of the country. Because of this, the locals use septic systems for managing their wastewater. Inevitably, the residents of Mount Barker depend on professionals when they require septic tank pump outs.

For more than 20 years, Nitschke Liquid Waste have been at the forefront of providing high-quality liquid waste removal services. In Adelaide Hills, our septic pumping services have become peerless. In addition, we offer grease trap servicing and trade waste cartage services as well. In terms of reliability and efficiency, we have an unbeatable reputation in the industry. Our trained personnel and versatile fleet can service any area in and around Adelaide with consummate ease. For these reasons, many residents of Mount Barker engage us when they need septic tank pumping services.

Once installed, septic tanks can function without requiring any intervention. But, they do need regular inspections and maintenance. One of the most affordable ways of keeping your septic system in prime condition involves the use of vinegar. Instead of using harsh chemicals for cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, consider using vinegar. Harsh chemicals can damage the good bacteria within the septic tank. Without these bacteria, the solid waste in the tank will never break down. This will inevitably make Mount Barker locals seek professional septic tank cleaning services. Vinegar will not only flush the germs away from your drains and sinks. It will also keep your pipes free of odour and mould. Not surprisingly, vinegar ranks among the best natural cleaning agents.

Other ways to keep your septic system in good working condition involve:

  • Using septic-safe toilet paper that breaks down more easily than higher-ply paper
  • Avoiding the flushing of wet wipes and disposable diapers in toilets
  • Avoiding the use of additives and,
  • Using natural cleaning products for cleaning toilets and bathrooms

So, if you live in Mount Barker and happen to be looking for a good septic tank pumping company, think of us. Our superlative and reliable services at economical rates will leave you floored. Obtain your free quote here

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