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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Bridgewater

Situated only 21 kilometres southeast of Adelaide, Bridgewater used to be the last stop on the Adelaide-Bridgewater railway line. In 1987, the authorities closed this route. In 1995, the authorities converted the railway to the standard gauge. Thus, this line continues to be the main line for people travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne. But, the demolished Bridgewater railway station means that no train stops at this South Australian town any longer. Cox Creek runs through Bridgewater. Hence, the town initially bore the same name i.e. Cox Creek. It obtained its present name in 1857 when John Dunn built the local flour mill.

For many Australians, Bridgewater remains famous for its gorgeous Bridgewater Mill. An attractive town with a distinctly English ambience, Bridgewater connects to Adelaide via the Princes Highway and the South Eastern Freeway. With a population of over 3,500 people, you might feel that Bridgewater has good sewage and wastewater pipeline connections. Unfortunately, this remains a misconception. An unsewered development, Bridgewater locals rely on septic tank systems for managing their sewage effectively. This also means that the demand for quality Bridgewater septic tank pumping services remains constant throughout the year.

Nitschke Liquid Waste offers superior septic tank cleaning services throughout Adelaide and the neighbouring areas. We also offer trade waste cartage and grease trap cleaning services. Our reliability and efficiency make us one of South Australia’s leading provider of waste removal services. In Bridgewater, our septic tank cleaning services remain in high demand. Not only do we perform thorough clean-ups of septic tanks. We also use our expertise to ensure that the system functions optimally for longer. 

To cite an example, we do not just empty your septic tank and walk away. We also inspect the entire system – including the drain field. Many issues could result in drain field problems, which will compromise the effectiveness of the septic tank. Some drain field issues that we have successfully dealt with in Bridgewater while performing septic tank pump outs include:

  • Irregular cleaning or maintenance of septic tanks
  • Tree roots that have infiltrated drain fields and other components of your sewage systems
  • The accumulation of grease in the tank
  • Outdated septic systems that cannot handle the capacities of wastewater from larger households
  • An overload of sludge caused by the use of strong household cleaners that hinder bacterial activity in the tank and,
  • Damaged piping in the drain field caused by heavy objects such as cars parked on them 

Reputed Bridgewater companies specialising in septic tank pumping know the importance of taking good care of septic systems. Hence, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to performing a thorough inspection and cleaning.

Nitschke Liquid Waste ranks among the best Adelaide Hills septic cleaning companies. A South Australian family owned and operated business, we offer superior services at affordable rates. We specialise in delivering hassle-free experiences every time. To save money on your next septic tank cleaning, click here

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