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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Nairne

Founded in 1839 by Matthew Smillie, this small township lies about seven kilometres away from Mount Barker. A part of the federal Division of Mayo, Nairne bears the name of Smillie’s wife’s family. In its early days, Nairne used to be a town on Princes Highway. This highway used to be the main traffic route for people travelling from Sydney to Adelaide. However, the emergence of the South Eastern Freeway in 1969 superseded this section of the highway. 

Approximately 5,000 people live in this small town. In addition, one-fifth of these individuals live in rented accommodation. However, in the absence of a network of sewage pipelines, the inhabitants of the area rely on septic systems for managing their wastewater and sewage. Once installed on your property, septic systems need little more than regular inspection and proper maintenance. But, they do need cleaning and emptying every two to four years. For this reason, the residents of Nairne contact professionals whenever they require septic tank pump outs. 

Among Adelaide Hills septic companies, Nitschke Liquid Waste has an unbeatable reputation. We’re among the most reliable liquid waste, grease trap and septic pumping companies in the area. We have more than 20 years of experience in this domain. Moreover, our trained workforce and diverse fleet of vehicles combine to deliver efficient and reliable services consistently. For these reasons, our liquid waste removal services have become popular throughout South Australia. Not surprisingly, many Nairne residents prefer harnessing our superb septic tank pumping services. 

Septic tanks typically become the holding cells for all the wastewater that comes from a home. All the pipes within the home meet in one central line. The central line will pump this wastewater into one end of the tank. Within the tank, solid waste will sink to the bottom and become sludge. Similarly, greasy waste will float to the top and become scum. The inflow of additional wastewater will force the separated water out of the tank into the drain field. This field acts as an additional filter for sending the water and its nutrients back into the ground. 

Septic systems require regular cleaning. Because of this, the residents of Nairne contact septic tank cleaning companies every few years. Failure to clean the tank could make the septic system fail. Other causes of septic system failure include:

  • Poor soil conditions
  • Significant water usage in limited spans of time
  • The use of cleaning agents comprising harsh chemicals
  • Flushing diapers and sanitary products in the toilets
  • Systems that can be too small for meeting the needs of the household
  • Roots clogging the septic tank and pipes and,
  • Damage to septic system components arising from driving heavy equipment and vehicles on top of the septic system

If you live in Nairne and need a good septic tank pumping company, think of us. We can deliver services that exceed your expectations each time. Check out our entire range of services here

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