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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Uraidla

Located in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, Uraidla used to be the home of the Peramangk Aboriginal people. The situation began changing from the mid-nineteenth century when the Europeans began arriving. A primary school emerged in 1871. Nine years later, the formal establishment of the town took place. Uraidla and the neighbouring areas remain predominantly agricultural districts. They feature vegetable market gardens that produce leek, lettuce and cabbage on a large scale. Apple and cherry orchards also thrive in the area, along with vineyards.

The town’s name traces its origins to Aboriginal folklore. Locals narrated tales of a giant who fell in battle. The ears of the giant formed Mount Lofty and Mount Bonython. Similarly, the body formed part of the Mount Lofty Ranges. Thus, the name Uraidla comes from the Kaurna words ‘Yurre’ (meaning ear) and ‘Illa’ denoting a location. Approximately 600 people live in this town. But, the lack of access to municipal sewage services means that these people depend extensively on septic systems for managing their wastewater. This also means that the people living in Uraidla need regular septic tank pumping services.

Nitschke Liquid Waste ranks a leading provider of liquid waste removal services in South Australia. A fully certified and EPA licenced company, we cater to residential, industrial and commercial clients. We can pump out, transport, treat and dispose of all liquid wastes and sludge. We can carry out holding tank pump outs, holiday shack pump outs, oily water removal and winery wastewater cartage. In Adelaide Hills, our septic pumping services remain unbeatable. Because of this, many people in Adelaide and the neighbouring suburbs prefer to utilise our expertise.

Septic tanks require proper care and maintenance. Overlooking this could compromise the functionality of the system. As the volume of sludge starts building up inside the tank, emptying the tank becomes imperative. For this reason, Uraidla residents hire professionals when they need septic tank pump outs. These pump outs rid the tank of the sludge, thereby restoring the system’s efficiency levels. However, property owners can ensure that they do not disrupt the delicate balance of their septic systems too. To accomplish this, they will need to:

  • Avoid dumping excessive amounts of household chemicals down the drain
  • Refrain from letting grease and oils get inside the system and,
  • Avoid discharging too much water into the tank at any given time

In some cases, a clogged drain could cause the septic system to malfunction too. When this happens, the people of Uraidla will look for reliable septic tank pumping companies to set things right. Such situations will invariably take place when the people in the household:

  • Flush non-biodegradable waste down the toilets and,
  • Use and flush household cleaners with harsh chemicals down the drains

So, if you live in Uraidla and need a good septic tank cleaning company, think of us. When it comes to dealing with liquid waste, we’re the experts. Click here to obtain a free quote.

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