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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Kanmantoo

This settlement in South Australia lies to the southeast of Adelaide in the eastern Adelaide Hills. Its location falls in the catchment basin of the Bremer River. Around 2.5 kilometres to the south of this suburb, you will come across the Kanmantoo Mine that gives this town its name. Opened in the 1840s, the Kanmantoo Mine belonged to the South Australian Company. William Gilles christened the mine after a local Aboriginal word. Today, the site of this underground mine forms part of a much larger open-cut copper mine owned by Hillgrove Resources.

This town lies on the Old Princes Highway between Callington and Nairne. However, most traffic bypasses the town on the South Eastern Freeway. Similarly, the Adelaide-Wolseley railway line passes near the mine. But, Kanmantoo does not have a station. Given that the town only boasts of a population of around 700 people, the reasons behind these occurrences can be easy to understand. It can also be worth mentioning that the properties in this town feature septic systems. Septic systems enable the property owners to manage their wastewater effectively in the absence of the sewage pipelines typically found in larger towns and cities. For this reason, Kanmantoo locals hire septic tank cleaning companies to empty their septic tanks every three or four years.

For more than 20 years, Nitschke Liquid Waste has been a name to depend on for quality waste removal services. In Adelaide Hills, our septic pumping services have won us tremendous acclaim. As professionals we can deal with septic tanks, oil arrestor pits, grease traps and other aerobic systems with minimal fuss. Our versatile fleet of vehicles enables us to provide reliable and efficient services throughout Adelaide and the neighbouring suburbs. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the residents of Kanmantoo prefer using our septic tank pumping services. 

Having a septic tank on your property can be an efficient and cost-effective way for dealing with your sewage. But, septic systems require regular maintenance. Only then will they be able to work efficiently. Along with regular inspections, these systems require emptying the septic tank every few years. Because of this, Kanmantoo residents cannot do without reliable and efficient septic tank pump outs. Some people might be unsure of the frequency with which they need to clean their septic tanks. These individuals would do well to call professionals for emptying the tank when they:

  • Notice the light on their septic system’s alert system flashing (or hear the sound of the siren)
  • Come across an unpleasant odour emanating from their yard
  • Encounter backed-up toilets and sinks
  • Find small puddles of smelly water throughout the yard – especially around the tank and,
  • Notice that they last pumped out their septic tank more than four years ago

Kanmantoo residents like engaging professionals such as Nitschke Liquid Waste for their septic tank pumping services. We’re the service provider of choice when it comes to liquid waste removal in South Australia. For a free quote, click here.

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