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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Munno Para

Not many people will know that Munno Para means ‘Golden Wattle Creek’ in the local Kaurna dialect. This northern suburb of Adelaide lies in the City of Playford. The older part of Munno Para emerged from a subdivision in 1955. The Playford Alive development that commenced in the 2000s led to the emergence of the newer section of Munno Para. The older part of Munno Para features a linear park. In contrast, the newer part features landscaped wetlands. These wetlands serve to calm and treat stormwater before releasing it into Smith Creek.

Just as the wetlands treat stormwater before releasing it into Smith Creek, septic systems treat wastewater before releasing it into the environment. Unsurprisingly, almost every property in this suburb features a septic tank. This is why the people of Munno Para regularly hire professionals for performing septic tank pump outs.

Septic systems are essential for treating and disposing of sewage (or wastewater). All pipes carrying wastewater from the house connect to the septic system. In the septic tank, solid waste will settle at the bottom. The waste matter comprising grease and oil will float to the surface. Over time, waste comprising grease and oil will form a crust over the liquid with the passage of time. Similarly, the solid waste will become sludge. Before this sludge clogs up the system, property owners in Munno Para utilise septic tank pumping services. The rest of the liquid (or effluent) will flow from the tank into the drainage areas. It will percolate the soil and undergo additional natural treatment processes.

Munno Para locals hire septic tank cleaning companies every couple of years or so. These individuals know that cleaning their septic tanks every four to five years will:

  • Enhance the longevity of their septic systems – on occasions, even beyond the specified warranty periods
  • Eliminate the need to carry out costly repairs, or even a replacement, of their septic tank, thereby helping them save money
  • Help them maintain the value of their properties as, in Munno Para, the cost of septic tank pumping is much cheaper than replacing the failing septic tank
  • Minimise the occurrences of various problems pertaining to the septic system and,
  • Enable them to live in clean and hygienic way without having to worry about contaminated water or foul smells emanating from neglected or improperly maintained septic tanks

Nitschke Liquid Waste is one of the top liquid waste disposal companies in South Australia. We specialise in providing septic tank and grease trap cleaning services in Adelaide and the adjoining suburbs. So, if you live in Munno Para and require septic tank pump outs, think of us. Click here to claim a discount on your next septic tank service.

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