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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Meadows

Several South Australians will remember Meadows as being the town that hosts the Meadows Country Fair and the Meadows Easter Fair. Located in the Mount Barker Region of South Australia, this town came into being in 1839. A survey carried out by Charles Flaxman in the Seventh Special Survey included the land that comprises the town of Meadows today. 

Situated near Mount Barker, Stirling and Hahndorf, Meadows features two popular attractions. The Prospect Hill Museum narrates the tale of the regional dairy industry. Similarly, the 5,000-hectare Kuitpo Forest that almost surrounds Meadows, remains a popular place for horse riding, bushwalking and cycling. With a population of nearly 1,400 people, Meadows might be a popular town. But, it doesn’t feature the extensive network of sewage pipelines that typify many larger Australian cities. Consequently, the locals continue to rely on septic systems for managing the sewage produced. This also means that the residents of Meadows need regular septic tank pumping services too.

Nitschke Liquid Waste has a formidable reputation in the liquid waste removal industry. For more than two decades, we have been wowing residential and industrial clients with our cost-effective and reliable services. We clean grease traps, septic tanks and aerobic systems. In addition, we offer trade waste cartage and winery wastewater removal services as well. Our ability to deliver hassle-free services has made many Meadows locals utilise our septic tank pumping services. 

When wastewater enters a septic tank, the heavier solid waste sinks to the bottom. With the passage of time, bacterial activity turns this waste into sludge. This sludge continues to accumulate at the bottom of the tank. If left unchecked, the volume of the sludge content within the tank will increase to such an extent that it will affect the efficiency of the septic tank. For this reason, the residents of Meadows know the value of regular septic tank pump outs. Clearly, they will not perform this activity themselves. They know that only professionals can clean out the septic tank thoroughly. 

However, these individuals also contribute their mite by maintaining their septic systems well. They accomplish this by:

  • Spreading their laundry washing over the week as opposed to washing several loads on the same day
  • Being aware of the location of the main components of the septic system
  • Maintaining accurate records of their septic system maintenance, service and pump outs
  • Using water-saving showerheads and low-flush toilets
  • Inspecting various moving parts such as pumps and siphons regularly
  • Running water regularly in rarely used drains and,
  • Contacting the best Adelaide Hills septic pumping company to clean their septic tanks

At Nitschke Liquid Waste, we specialise in providing prompt and reliable septic tank pumping services. Not surprisingly, several people in Meadows contact us for our cost-effective septic tank cleaning services. To obtain a quote, click here

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