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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Houghton

Located in the Adelaide Hills, this small town derives its name from the town named Houghton-le-Spring in Durham, England. Houghton falls in the local government areas between Tea Tree Gully and Inglewood on the North East Road. In 1841, a land agent and auctioneer named John Richardson settled this townsite. In those times, Houghton used to be the hub of the local district. It featured a simple Union Chapel made of stone that served several denominations. It also featured the Travellers’ Rest Hotel and various other structures such as schools, smithies and dwelling places. 

Some people will recall this town because of the reserve that goes by the name of Houghton Common. Avid golfers might be aware that this small town features the Highercombe Golf Course, which used to be part of the 162-hectare Highercombe estate. Settled in 1841 by George Anstey, this estate derived its name from the original family home of the Ansteys near Dulverton, Somerset. With a population of less than 500 people, Houghton remains an unsewered development in South Australia. Thus, property owners in Houghton rely on septic systems for managing their sewage. Inevitably, the residents of Houghton depend extensively on septic tank pump outs to keep their systems functioning smoothly.

Not all liquid waste removal companies can be equal. This necessitates sifting the grain from the chaff. In Adelaide and the neighbouring suburbs, Nitschke Liquid Waste ranks among the top liquid waste companies. With over 20 years of experience, we offer reliable and cost-effective services. From trade waste cartage to disposing of winery wastewater, we do it all. Not surprisingly, the residents of Houghton don’t think twice about utilising our septic tank pumping services. 

A septic system plays a vital role in managing the wastewater generated in a house. However, like all other systems, it requires proper care and maintenance too. No septic system can function smoothly without regular inspections and maintenance. Because of this, Houghton residents ensure that they engage septic tank cleaning service providers every three to five years. Emptying the septic tank of the accumulated sludge and solid waste can be crucial. Otherwise, the sludge would continue to accumulate, thereby compromising the efficiency of the system.

Ideally, you should contact your septic system company every few months or so for inspecting the septic system on your property. The professionals would inspect all the inlets and outlets of the tank. They would also examine all the other components of the tank – including the pump. By doing so, they would ensure that your septic system operates smoothly. Regular inspections and pump outs will not only keep your system operational. It would enable you to avoid spending money on costly repairs. For these reasons, the residents of Houghton contact septic tank pumping companies regularly. 

So, the next time you want dependable septic pumping services in Adelaide Hills, think of us. We specialise in delivering hassle-free experiences consistently. For details on our emergency services, click here

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