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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Penfield

This suburb is one of the suburbs that lies to the north of Adelaide. Situated in the City of Playford, this area came up in the 1850s under the leadership of William Penfield. In 1940, the government compulsorily acquired land in the area for establishing a munitions factory during World War II. The RAAF Base Edinburgh now surrounds this intersection on three sides.

The western part of Penfield is largely industrial. In the 2010s, the authorities began developing the eastern section of this suburb for residential housing. Estimates suggest that about 806 people reside in this suburb. With no council sewer connections present, the locals use septic systems for managing their sewage and wastewater. Not surprisingly, the residents of Penfield depend extensively on septic tank pumping services.

Septic systems need proper care and maintenance. Every four years or so, the people of Penfield engage septic tank cleaning companies to get rid of the solid waste accumulated at the bottom of their tanks. When it comes to home maintenance, not many homeowners will think of the septic systems on their property. But, caring for the septic tank can prolong its life and value. It could help you to reduce your septic tank expenses too. The residents of Penfield know that they will need septic tank pump outs every few years. However, they care for their septic systems by:

  • Not flushing rubbish (e.g. cat litter, facial tissue and paper towels etc.) down the toilet
  • Not pouring grease down the drain
  • Investing in garbage disposal that can grind the food waste finely
  • Repairing leaking faucets promptly
  • Not pouring various household chemicals (e.g. pesticides, potent cleaning solutions, paint etc.) down the drain
  • Not draining the pool or hot tub water into the septic tank
  • Taking good care of the drain field and soakage areas
  • Inspecting the septic tank regularly to identify issues that could become major problems and,
  • Contacting the best professionals in Penfield for their septic tank pumping services every three to five years

Nitschke Liquid Waste is one of the top liquid waste companies in South Australia. A South Australian family owned and operated company, we provide an assortment of services to suit the needs of communities living in the rural and industrial suburbs around Adelaide. Unlike other liquid waste removal businesses, we do not operate only in Adelaide. Rather, we offer dependable and cost-effective services throughout numerous suburban areas in and around Adelaide. For instance, in Penfield, our septic tank pumping services are highly popular. In addition, we can clean oil arrestor pits and deal with winery wastewater too. To save $20 on your next septic tank cleaning, click here.

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