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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Oakbank

Founded in 1840 by Scottish brothers James and Andrew Johnston, this town lies to the east of Adelaide. The brothers had arrived in South Australia in 1839. Within a year, they had begun opening up the country in the Onkaparinga Valley, which lies near the present site of the town of Oakbank. This town derives its name from the town where the brothers hailed from i.e. Oakbank, Scotland. Some people might remember Oakbank as the place that hosts the renowned Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival. The premiere event of this carnival, the Great Eastern Steeplechase, attracts thousands of visitors during the Easter weekend. 

Otherwise, the town has a population of just 800 people or so. For this reason, the town does not feature any network of pipelines for transporting and disposing of sewage and wastewater. Instead, the inhabitants rely on septic systems for managing the wastewater. This inevitably means that the people living in Oakbank need regular septic tank pumping services as well. Only regularly cleaned septic systems function efficiently over significant spans of time.

Nitschke Liquid Waste ranks among the top providers of liquid waste removal services in South Australia. We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We service grease traps and aerobic systems. We clean septic systems and offer trade waste cartage services too. In the Adelaide Hills area, our septic services have earned us great acclaim. For this reason, many people living in Adelaide and the neighbouring suburbs prefer engaging us for our dependable, efficient and cost-effective services. 

Properly sized septic tanks will easily store scum and sludge for about three years without any hassles. Beyond this timeframe, the system will not function as efficiently as it should. The continuous build-up of sludge in the tank will not leave enough space for the clear wastewater. Thus, the wastewater will stay in the tank for lesser spans of time. This will make the process of removing solid waste inefficient. As a result, more and more solid waste will end up in the drain field. This will invariably result in the failure of the septic system. Thus, to avoid such occurrences, the residents of Oakbank contact us for performing septic tank pump outs. 

Some signs of a distressed or failing septic system include:

  • The backing up of wastewater into the home
  • The creation of hazardous wet spots because of wastewater welling up on the surface of the yard
  • Clogged plumbing
  • Cracks in the septic tank and,
  • Drain fields that become overloaded with liquid

If you’re currently experiencing such issues in your Oakbank property, ensure that you contact the septic tank pumping companies in the area immediately. 

Many of the people living in Oakbank bank on us for our high-quality septic tank cleaning services. So, the next time you need grease trap or septic tank cleaning services, contact us. Obtain a free quote here

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