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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Murray Bridge

Formerly called Mobilong and Edwards Crossing, Murray Bridge acquired its current name in 1924. Situated 76 kilometres east-southeast of Adelaide, this city derived its name from the road and railway crossings over the Murray River. The city used to be part of the traditional land of the Ngarrindjeri people. These people referred to Murray Bridge as Pomberuk. 

The town of Murray Bridge comprises a number of heritage-listed sites, which add to its renown. Almost 15,000 people live in this suburb. And, approximately 37 per cent of these people live in rented accommodation. However, despite being the fifth most populous urban area in South Australia, this city has no access to sewage pipeline networks. Thus, the locals use septic systems for managing their wastewater. But, for keeping these systems operational, the residents of Murray Bridge hire reputed septic tank pumping companies.

When it comes to providing septic pumping services in Adelaide Hills, Nitschke Liquid Waste rules the roost. A South Australian owned and operated business, we specialise in transporting, treating and disposing of liquid waste. Our services remain tailored for residential, industrial and commercial clients alike. We clean grease traps, septic tanks and aerobic systems. In addition, we offer grease muncher cleaning and car wash pump out services as well. Our stellar reputation in the field has made many residents of Murray Bridge engage us whenever they need septic tank pump outs.

Understanding the manner in which septic systems work can be very easy. All wastewater from the house ends up in the septic tank. Gravity helps in separating the waste matter within the tank. So, heavier solids will sink to the bottom of the tank and become sludge. Lighter waste matter (such as grease) will float to the top and become scum. The water in between the scum and the sludge remains clear. It will eventually return to the soil and undergo natural purification processes.

However, the volume of sludge in the tank can build up and cause blockages. When this happens, the residents of Murray Bridge typically contact septic tank cleaning companies to remove the blockage. In some cases, putting bacteria into the septic tank can be useful. These bacteria will start eating the sludge. This will enable the wastewater to flow better. However, septic tanks need a lot of bacteria to break down all the sludge the tanks contain. 

For this reason, septic tank experts recommend dumping a packet of dry yeast into the main line through the toilet that lies closest to the line. The yeast will activate the enzymes in the bacteria and increase their efficiency. Similarly, you will need to dissolve the build-up of grease in the tank. For this, drop two litres each of vinegar and boiling water into the closest drain connected to the main line. 

So, if you live in Murray Bridge and need septic tank pumping services, contact us. Our services will provide complete satisfaction. For more information, click here

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