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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Lobethal

Nestled on the banks of a creek between the hills and on the upper sides of the valley, lies the town of Lobethal. Until 1950, Lobethal used to be the hub of the Adelaide Hills wool processing industry. However, times have changed. Today, the buildings that used to be mills buzzing with workers have begun housing various cottage industries and handcraft businesses. The town receives a great influx of visitors during the Christmas season. Its brilliant display of Christmas lights and decorations often leave all-comers spellbound.

In 1842, Prussian immigrants sailing aboard the vessel Skjold became the first settlers in Lobethal. The name of town means ‘valley of praise’ in German. These settlers constructed their buildings in typical Silesian Hufendorf style. Currently, over 2,500 people live in Lobethal. Because they do not have any network of sewage pipelines, the locals use septic tanks for managing their wastewater. This inevitably means that the residents of Lobethal need frequent and regular septic tank pumping services.

When it comes to providing septic tank cleaning services in South Australia, Nitschke Liquid Waste remains unbeatable. A fully certified and EPA licenced company, we pump out and transport all liquid waste and sludge. We cater to industrial and residential clients alike. We have over 20 years of experience in the business. Our cost-effective and high-quality services have made us the service provider of choice for Lobethal locals when they need septic tank pump outs. 

Owners of septic systems know that septic pumping can never be an optional activity. So, overlooking the regular inspection and maintenance of the septic tank can be a costly mistake. This will inevitably leave you with a yard that has become a wet and smelly mess. In addition, the repair work needed to restore your septic system will set you back by hundreds of dollars. To eliminate such hassles, Lobethal residents engage professionals who offer good septic tank cleaning services – especially when they: 

  • Ascertain that they last cleaned the septic tank three to five years back
  • See that the grass on top of the septic tank seems soggy
  • Can discern a foul odour near the tank and,
  • Experience backed-up drains and toilets

Ideally, you will need to hire septic pumping companies in Adelaide Hills for cleaning the tank every three to five years. But, this frequency could vary from one household to the next. The age of the system and the number of people in the household could mean that you need to pump out the septic tank more frequently. Some septic systems feature filters too. So, in addition to septic pumping, you will need to clean the filters as well. Hence, bear in mind that the schedule that works for your neighbours might not be one that suits you.

If you live in Lobethal and need a septic tank pumping company, think of us. Our cost-effective range of services can suit your dynamic needs. Check out our entire range of services here

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