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Liquid Waste Disposal Adelaide - Nitschke Liquid Waste

Septic Pumping Saint Kilda

Situated about 22 kilometres from Adelaide city, the suburb of Saint Kilda falls in the local council area of the City of Salisbury. Located at the western end of Saint Kilda Road, this suburb originally comprised three low lying islands covered in shell grit and saltbush. Samphire swamps and mangroves surrounded the area in those days. Despite this, Saint Kilda became a town in 1893. It is worth highlighting that Saint Kilda is internationally famous for its bird watching areas. Experts suggest that over 100 species of birds feed in and around the seagrass beds, salt lagoons and mudflats.

The area features other tourist attractions as well. Among other things, these attractions comprise mangrove forest walks, adventure playgrounds and tram museums. Estimates suggest that approximately 300 individuals reside in Saint Kilda. The houses here typically have no connections to council sewer systems. As a result, the locals of Saint Kilda frequently avail of septic tank cleaning services.

For the uninitiated, septic tanks are useful for storing sewage waste while it settles. All the plumbing pipelines in the house connect to a larger pipe. This larger pipe connects to the septic system. Thus, all the wastewater from the house flows into the septic tank. Anaerobic processes help in breaking down the solid waste in a septic tank. However, not all solid waste in septic tanks decompose in this manner. As a result, the locals in Saint Kilda often require septic tank pump outs. Otherwise, the accumulating solid waste could end up affecting the functionality of the septic system in the property.

Nitschke Liquid Waste is Adelaide and South Australia’s leading liquid waste company. With over 20 years of experience in the domain, we offer an array of services to residential and commercial clients alike. We also cater to various suburbs adjoining Adelaide. For instance, many of our clients in Saint Kilda utilise our peerless septic tank pumping services. We also offer other services such as:

  • Holiday shack pump outs
  • Aerobic system pump outs
  • Grease trap cleaning services
  • Grease trap maintenance services
  • Trade waste cartage services
  • Septic tank cleaning and desludging services and,
  • Oily water removal services (suitable for garages and carwash facilities)

In many urban or rural places near Saint Kilda, we offer septic tank pumping and desludging services as well. The quality of our services has made us the premier liquid waste removalist in the area. Our expertise, experience and equipment enable us to offer dependable and cost-effective services at your convenience. Send us your enquiry here. Or, residents of Saint Kilda and other places could contact us for septic tank pump outs at 08 8260 7660.

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